Kiamba conducts deworming on nutrition month

04 Jul 2017
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KIAMBA, Sarangani (July 4, 2017) - July is the 43rd Nutrition Month with a celebration by the municipal government of Kiamba on July 3. The Municipal Health Office distributed measuring steel rulers to different barangays. This activity was led by the municipal health officer, Mayor Raul C. Martinez and Sarangani Board Member Rosemarie "Balot" Sayo. In conjunction with the National Health Month the MHO will also sponsor the National School Deworming Month wherein the different schools and health centers of Kiamba will conduct deworming to students from the different barangays. These deworming procedures will be free for children of 1-18 years of age. (AR Camposano-JP Belmonte/KIAMBA INFORMATION OFFICE)

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