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Sadyandi: Amicable settlement by IPs still observed in Sarangani

MALAPATAN, Sarangani (January 14, 2022) – Sadyandi, a traditional justice system of the indigenous people in peace-making and resolving conflicts, is still alive and being continually practiced by the Lumads in barangay Sapu Masla in Malapatan.

On January 6, a sadyandi was held at the barangay gymnasium where tribal elders and leaders of the municipality gathered to assist in the settlement of a dispute between the families of Salutan, the complainant; and Go, the defendant.

According to Fulung Titus Mandalo, municipal indigenous people’s mandatory representative (IPMR), the conflict started when the two parties exchanged gunshots due to a misunderstanding. The elders then called for the settlement of the people involved.

The ritual begins with a Kasfala, the Blaan term for “deliberation” of the dispute between two parties involved.

A tribal elder or a “Fulung” who knows the customary law, then puts together the families of the complainant and the defendant, and have them hold a long strip of rattan on each of the opposing sides. After some chanting, the elder then cuts the rattan in the middle which symbolizes the cutting of the conflict between two parties.

Also part of the sacred ritual is the Saklang Luas which means “blood compact” where a “sumbali” is performed or the offering of a white hen.

Mandalo said the white hen is a “symbol of peace” and it also represents the “clean and pure intentions” of the persons involved whose hearts are “now free of anger and hatred.” Mandalo said the Blaans give importance to the sacredness of the ritual and those who go against the tradition, the family line will either be cursed or end up with a tragic death.

Mayor Salway Sumbo Jr., also a Blaan, was among the witnesses of the settlement, along with Barangay Sapu Masla Chairman Moner Calulong, and other local government leaders. Sumbo said he was pleased that amidst the fast-changing world, traditions like this are still well-preserved and practiced in his municipality up until now.

He also congratulated the local government of Sapu Masla for the success of the settlement and vowed to give his full support to the endeavors of the indigenous community. (Jori Mae R. Samillano/SARANGANI PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE)

Photo by Jake Narte taken on January 6 during the traditional dispute settlement held at Barangay Sapu Masla gymnasium.

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