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Globe hosts final Sarbay night

GUMASA, Glan, Sarangani (June 6, 2016) – Globe Telecom took over the closing night of 11th Sarbay Festival Saturday (June 4) with what organizers say had 100,000-strong Sarbay citizens attending the biggest beach festival in the Philippines.

The #sarbayevolution 2016 filled Gumasa cove with thousands of Sarbay citizens in an all-night party until dawn.

“More than a 100,000 strong SarBay citizens flocked from the nation over to celebrate Real Change!,” the organizers posted on Facebook. “Thank you for making our party the country's biggest beach festival yet!”

The major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines, Globe Telecom is one of the major sponsors of this year’s Sarbay Evolution.

Globe pocket events dominated the festival hosted by DJ Benjur Evangelista and Carly Chua, as early as one o’clock with their activities such as Sand Castle Making, Body Painting, Bae Group Dance, Jazz Up Your Muscle Tee, Henna Tattoo and Tug of War.

More so, for every purchase of Globe loads, Sarbay attendees enjoyed the fun game surprises and freebies.

SarBay citizens partied all night long from nine o’clock in the evening with the onset reggaeton amusement by a prominent local band, Kuerdas, who made the audience dance in the pristine sand and chill with the music of the ocean waves.

Gov. Steve Solon also acknowledged and thanked all the Sarbay citizens who joined this year’s “evolution”, and commended all the people behind the event who for their zeal and relentless effort for the success of #sarbayevolution 2016.

The main artists of the night, FRANCO, drew a huge crowd and even heaped the VIPs who sang, danced, and rocked along with the band. They definitely heated up and rocked the stage with their all-out soulful performance.

Sarbay’s “Splash in the Sky” at midnight signaling not the end but only the beginning of more fun flabbergasted everyone in the long stretch of Gumasa and outside the vicinity. The stunning fireworks display lasted for about 10 minutes.

Four DJs turned the crowd wild with their expertly mixed hip and lively music to the all-night until dawn bang-up party. The sexy DJ Cathy Frey, heartthrob DJ Italo, former Viva Hot Babe and “Goddess” DJ Jennifer Lee, and Manila’s turntablist DJ Ron Poe all brought the house down in their intense music plays that hyped up the Sarbay citizens of all ages at the last night of Sarbay Festival 2016.

SarBay Fest 2016 was unquestionably not just the” biggest” but also the “happiest” beach party in the country. See you again next year said Jun Ramos, Sarbay’s chronicler. (Jenny Rose G. De Guzman /SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE)

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