Municipality of Maitum

Nature. Adventure. Culture. History and Heritage. Maitum is Sarangani's cradle of civilization. Its rich history as well as astounding archeological finds, blended with some of the Philippines' best beaches, waterfalls, distinct biodiversity, mountain ranges, crystal clear rivers make Maitum truly a gem of the Celebes.

Maitum is home to the unique 2,000-year old anthropomorphic jars, an archaeological finding unparalled throughout Southeast Asia. These find were used as burial jars believed to be utilized during the Metal Age in the Philippines around 5 B.C. to A.D. 225. The original jars are now housed at the National Musuem although there are replicas which can be viewed at the town hall.

Legend has it that a when a local princess fell in love with a neighboring Tboli warrior, the father of the princess violently opposed the relationship. The couple subsequently eloped and was not seen ever since. However, at the time of the couple's disappearance, the rivers stones in the place turned to black thus the place earned the moniker "Maitum" (black).

Maitum has a lot of caves that waiting to be explored. The waterfalls and pristine rivers offer an amazing respite from the tolls of urban life. Its thick and dense rainforests are ideal for trekking and backpacking. Hikers could take a glimpse of Maitum's varied wildlife which includes deers, wild boars, and tarsiers. After a day's adventure, visitors can cap it off with the White Water Tubing Adventure. A 1.6 km adventure around the refreshing waters of Pangi River.

The Celebes coastline of the town is a sanctuary of a wide range of turtle species. Tourists can observe hatchlings of Olive Ridley, Green, Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles on several turtle sanctuaries on the villages fronting the Celebes Sea.

Maitum also offer a delicacy that is unique to their place. Women's organization as well as enterprising individual has been producing "marinated bangsi", flying fish which were half-dried on the sun and marinated with local spices. Rice coffee as well as other nutritious and healthy products are also offered by Cresings of Maitum, a thriving family business which endeavors to help indigents by providing employment as well as showcase the traditional delicacies of Maitum.


Position   Name of Officials
Mayor:   Reganit, Alexander Bryan B.
Vice Mayor:   Balazon, Tito Sr. T.
Councilors:   Balazon, Freddie F.
    Abequibel, Arnold R.
    Perrett, Gary Lee
    Ampodia, Perlita C.
    Rocapor, Gilbert Z.
    Mayled, Remigius
    Del Rosario, Edgardo J.
    Gacula, Limuel N.