Vice Governor
Sarangani Province

Vice Governor Dr. Elmer Tugaoen De Peralta, also known as DokVice, has the heart of both a physician and a politician.

It was in 1993 when he graduated with a medical degree from Davao Medical School Foundation and acquired his license as a Doctor of Medicine. In 2007, he started his political career as Vice Mayor of the municipality of Kiamba.

DokVice always sees his passion for public service as an opportunity to be a channel of blessing to those in need, especially the people of Sarangani. Now a three-termer vice governor of the province, DokVice always makes sure to perform to the best of his abilities his functions as the Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan; the legislative body of the local government.

He was born on August 17, 1965 in Kiamba, Sarangani Province, to parents Engr. Emilio De Peralta and Basilia Tugaoen De Peralta. He is a loving husband to Anne Marie Sarguilla de Peralta, and a great father to his three children, Earl Andrew, Erika Aira, and Emman Angelo.

His primary education commenced at San Roque Elementary School in 1978, while he had his secondary education at Davao City High School from 1978-1982. He graduated as a Medical Technologist at Immaculate Conception College in 1986 and earned his medical degree in 1993 at Davao Medical School Foundation.

DokVice’s humble beginnings started when he was appointed Municipal Health Officer of the local government of Kiamba in 1997. He then became a vice mayor of Kiamba in 2007 and was later elected Sangguniang Panlalawigan board member of the province from 2010-2016. And in 2016, he became the vice governor of the province of Sarangani.

He believes that occupying the second-highest post is not just a privilege to serve but an opportunity to exercise his willful duty to prioritize the many essential programs of the province. Five of which are establishing environmental policies, promoting provincial tourism programs, strong campaign on codifications, building commitment towards legislative bodies, and giving importance to economic policies.

Among his many accomplishments, the Barangay Legislative Information Tracking System or BLITS Program that he initiated in 2016 was one that made a big impact. It received recognition in the national and bagged champion in the DICT National Awardee-Digital Governance Awards 2021, Best in Government Internal Process.

BLITS was created to aid local legislators towards an organized, systematic, efficient, and transparent local legislative governance. It also intends to accomplish the primary goal of One e-System, One Province for all the legislative units of Sarangani's 141 barangays.

DokVice knows that public service is an opportunity to do what is right even if only a few can witness it.

He also believes that the trust the people of Sarangani have given him has brought him to his destiny; to be of service to many.